5 Factors That Affect the Value of Accounts Receivable Portfolios

5 Factors That Affect the Value of Accounts Receivable Portfolios Many elements impact the value of accounts receivable portfolios. When evaluating a portfolio to determine its worth, careful analysis of targeted factors helps buyers ensure appropriate value determination. In this article, we will discuss 5 of the key factors that should be considered [...]

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Make National Debt Holdings Your Next Choice for Installment Loans

Providing exceptional customer service, National Debt Holdings is an expert partner to purchase distressed installment loans. About Installment Loans Installment loans are loans that are repaid over time with a pre-determined number of payments. Many installment loans, such as personal loans, are shorter term loans. Consumers borrow an initial lump sum of money and repay [...]

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Providing Auto Dealers with a Financial Backstop

Auto dealers face unique challenges when it comes to managing their receivables portfolios. Any dealer that also offers direct financing options, faces even more complications and uncertainty when it comes to collecting the money due to them. Most auto financing companies reduce their risk of lending by requiring that the dealerships repurchase any loans that [...]

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Tax Season is an Opportunity for a Financial Rebirth for Consumers

For consumers living paycheck to paycheck, tax season offers an opportunity for a financial rebirth. Millions of Americans representing 78% of adults** have little to no opportunity to save money each month and instead need to spend all they earn in order to keep their family fed, clothed and sheltered. For these Americans, tax season [...]

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Finding the Balance Between Recovery Liquidation Performance and Regulatory Compliance

Creditors in the early 2000’s were very focused on one thing, portfolio liquidation performance. As time has passed and rules have changed, today the focus is split. Now, rather than just looking at the raw liquidation data, creditors now have a balance to strike, a balance between performance and compliance. Understanding the Need for a [...]

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