National Debt Holdings, a receivables management firm assisting creditors with improving their cash flow performance, today announced their deployment of the ComplyARM Dashboard Compliance Management Platform.

“ComplyARM is a solution for so many of our compliance needs” said President Jeremy Poehler. “We wanted to be able to track everything from inquiries to licenses, insurance and other key vendor, buyer and seller information.”

ComplyARM Dashboard is a Compliance Management System (CMS) that creates a collaborative environment for the resolution and tracking of compliance related inquiries. Vendors, clients and other partners access the system via the online portal to update their profile information and participate in the resolution of compliance events.

Dashboard manages compliance beyond just complaint tracking by managing licensing, insurance, certifications, memberships and other important aspects of compliance. The system also includes a specialized CRM system designed to help National Debt Holdings track, manage and document transactions.

“Deploying ComplyARM is helping to simplify many of the compliance related administrative tasks we were completing manually. This new tool is giving us a digital repository for the information and enables our partners to provide information directly, reducing the back and forth of collecting license and insurance information” said Chief Compliance Officer Ann Marie Elahrag.

About ComplyARM

ComplyARM is a compliance management system (CMS) provider that has developed customized tools for the accounts receivable management industry. Debt buyers and collection agencies have special compliance requirements and ComplyARM Dashboard Compliance Management System is designed to help them meet those needs and reduce the workload of compiling and storing compliance related information.