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Consumer financial literacy resources National Debt Holdings


We recognize the financial challenges and hardships consumers can face and gathered these resources to help our consumers get back on the path towards financial wellness. This important information can help consumers make better financial decisions.

Receivables portfolio acquisitions and sales National Debt Holdings


Our team provides portfolio acquisitions, sales, and brokerage services to help pair buyers and sellers and yield maximum performance. We carefully evaluate each buyer and offer opportunities to qualified partners at strategic points in the account lifecycle.

receivables portfolio servicing National Debt Holdings


Creating and maintaining the perfect balance of performance and compliance, we offer solutions for creditors and debt buyers who wish to leverage our specialized technology and tools while retaining ownership of accounts throughout the process.

Data Driven Decisions

We leverage our technology, tools, and processes to deliver customized solutions for each client. We use proven data analytics to guide our strategic decision making. Our business is data-driven, providing a competitive advantage that helps us outperform competitors and provide seamless transactions and account management for our clients.


5 Ways to Build More Powerful Client Relationships

Strong relationships are the lifeblood of business. Strong relationships with your customers, suppliers, vendors, and other stakeholders can be the difference between success and failure and is always a factor in customer satisfaction.  Building strong [...]

How to Maximize the Value of Conference Networking

Networking can be an investment in relationships and reciprocity that helps drive your career or company forward for years to come. We at National Debt Holdings find conference networking to be a great opportunity [...]

National Debt Holdings Celebrates 10th Anniversary

National Debt Holdings (NDH) today celebrates a decade of assisting creditors with improving cash flow performance from account portfolios. As a highly respected receivables management firm in the highly regulated accounts receivable management (ARM) industry, [...]

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