5 Factors That Affect the Value of Accounts Receivable Portfolios

5 Factors That Affect the Value of Accounts Receivable Portfolios Many elements impact the value of accounts receivable portfolios. When evaluating a portfolio to determine its worth, careful analysis of targeted factors helps buyers ensure appropriate value determination. In this article, we will discuss 5 of the key factors that should be considered [...]

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Creating Value Through the Sale of Accounts Receivable Portfolios

When businesses need to create immediate cash flow, liquidating accounts receivable can meet the urgent requirement of funds. National Debt Holdings helps our creditor clients by offering a quick, compliant, and professional transaction for the sale of your receivables portfolios. Liquidating your accounts receivable creates an immediate source of funds for your company. Unlike obtaining [...]

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National Debt Holdings Understands that the Customer Experience is Key in Recovering Credit Union Accounts

National Debt Holdings understands that the management of credit union accounts is unique from other accounts receivable and has extensive experience using strategies that protect the creditor’s brand while respecting the consumer. What is the difference between a bank and a credit union? Simply stated, banks are for-profit organizations that pay their earnings to stockholders [...]

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