Portfolio Acquisitions & Sales

National Debt Holdings works with our creditor partners to acquire, manage, and sell receivables portfolios. We offer comprehensive and data-driven solutions that enable creditors to create immediate cash for their accounts at all stages of the account lifecycle from performing through charge-off.

Portfolio Review and Valuation

National Debt Holdings offers creditors and portfolio owners no-obligation, guaranteed portfolio reviews and valuations. Our goal is to develop available options for debt sales and portfolio servicing and assist creditors and portfolio owners with understanding these unique options. Our professional and dedicated team will conduct due diligence on each portfolio while reviewing each account, stratifying the data for evaluation, and reviewing media documents. Once complete, NDH compiles a report that outlines suggested strategies, either through sales or recovery, and provides expectations moving forward. Our portfolio reviews provide creditors with insight into deliberations about selling portfolios or placing accounts with agencies and law firms for servicing.

Acquiring Receivables Portfolios

When creditors need to see immediate results, National Debt Holdings offers customized solutions that unlock value from distressed receivables portfolios. We quickly review portfolios, conduct due diligence, and create cash for our creditor partners, all within just a few days. Through our proprietary tools and processes, we make the review and transaction execution process easy and straightforward for our clients.

Receivables portfolios acquired by National Debt Holdings are managed through our one-of-a-kind servicing network. We maintain control throughout the liquidation process, allowing us to protect the brands and reputations of our creditor partners. We understand the complex requirements of servicing accounts receivable and use our deep knowledge and extensive experience to maximize profitability and provide a seamless transaction through each stage in the account lifecycle.

Receivables Portfolio Sales

As an extension of our acquisition and servicing products, we offer portfolios for sale to our approved and trusted network of buyer partners. Each of our approved buying partners undergoes a strict due diligence review before approval and participation in any sales activities. Each buyer is required to execute a non-disclosure agreement and provide additional information about their business for review by our compliance team before being considered for available portfolios.

Once a buying partner is approved, they must complete a Portfolio Preferences Profile to help us better understand the buyer’s specific needs and investment strategies. This profile information provides key information that helps us to streamline the process and present only appropriate portfolios to each of our partners to maximize both efficiency and cash flow.