Portfolio Master Servicing

Our servicer network consists of carefully selected agencies and law firms that specialize in the recovery and management of accounts in every stage of the credit cycle. Through our more than a decade of collections experience, we have created proven processes and technologies that provide our partners with the bottom-line results they need while mitigating associated risks for our clients.

As a master servicer, National Debt Holdings manages the liquidation of receivables portfolios for creditors using our proprietary network of recovery service providers. We do this while maintaining transparency through comprehensive analysis of data and strict adherence to policies, procedures, and compliance guidelines.

Managing Receivables Portfolios

Our experienced executive management team understands the subtleties of different recovery strategies and creates a custom plan for each portfolio. National Debt Holdings has meticulously curated our service provider network and created unique management tools to achieve immediate recovery results, all while safeguarding the brands and reputations of our creditor partners. 

We offer varying levels of creditor participation in the portfolio recovery process. Creditors can either choose to actively participate in recovery decisions or let us utilize our data-driven decision-making analytics and experience to drive the process through to completion.

Creating Opportunities for Creditors and Service Providers

Our uniquely customized master servicing solutions provide opportunities to both our creditors and recovery service providers. Creditors can take advantage of our recovery processes, technologies, and experience, allowing them the freedom to focus on their core business. Our provider network benefits from the same opportunity to work accounts that fall within their area of specialty, increasing performance and revenue for all parties.

Recovery service providers that would like to join our network can begin by reviewing and signing our non-disclosure agreement. Once the agreement is in place, our executive management team evaluates each service provider and discusses available opportunities to work accounts.