Portfolio Master Servicing

Our servicing network consists of high-quality agencies and law firms specializing in the recovery and management of accounts receivable for creditors. Through our collections experience, we have created proven processes and technology to provide our partners with the bottom-line results they need, while limiting associated risks.

As a master servicer, National Debt Holdings manages the liquidation of receivables portfolios for creditor partners using our proprietary network of recovery service providers.

Managing Receivables Portfolios

Our experienced executive management team understands what is needed to improve recoveries beyond what most creditors can accomplish internally. National Debt Holdings has created the management tools and developed the service provider network to achieve bottom-line recovery results, while protecting the brand and reputation of our creditor partners.

National Debt Holdings enables our creditor partners to choose their level of involvement in the portfolio recovery process. Creditors can choose to be hands-on, participating in the recovery decisions or they can choose to empower our team to use our data driven decision-making analytics to drive the process.

Creating Opportunities for Creditors and Service Providers

National Debt Holding’s master servicing solutions provide opportunities to both our creditor and recovery service provider partners. Creditors can take advantage of our recovery processes, methods and technology, freeing them up to focus on their core business. Recovery service providers benefit from the opportunity to work accounts that fall within their area of specialty, giving them everything they need to be successful.

Recovery service providers that would like to join our network can start by reviewing and signing our non-disclosure agreement. Once the agreement is executed, our executive management team evaluates service providers and discusses available opportunities to work accounts.