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1106, 2018

National Debt Holdings Donates to Stop Abuse

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National Debt Holdings’ $5,000 Donation will help Stop Abuse’s efforts to prevent child abuse National Debt Holdings has generously donated to Stop Abuse, an organization that empowers children regarding how to recognize, prevent and talk [...]

1405, 2018

Providing Auto Dealers with a Financial Backstop

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Auto dealers face unique challenges when it comes to managing their receivables portfolios. Any dealer that also offers direct financing options, faces even more complications and uncertainty when it comes to collecting the money due [...]

1204, 2018

Tax Season is an Opportunity for a Financial Rebirth for Consumers

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For consumers living paycheck to paycheck, tax season offers and opportunity for a financial rebirth. Millions of Americans representing 78% of adults** have little to no opportunity to save money each month and instead need [...]