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Receivables Purchasing

National Debt Holdings works with our creditor partners to acquire, manage and sell receivables portfolios. Through our acquisitions and sales program, we enable creditors to create immediate cash for their accounts receivable at all stages of the account lifecycle from performing through charge-off.

Acquiring Receivables Portfolios

Creditors often need to create additional cash flow from their receivables portfolios and National Debt Holdings offers the solutions needed to satisfy that need. Our team quickly reviews portfolios, conducts due diligence on sellers and can create cash for our creditor partners within just a few days. We have created proprietary tools and processes to make the review and transaction execution processes easy for everyone involved.

Receivables portfolios acquired by National Debt Holdings are managed through our servicing network, enabling us to liquidate accounts while protecting the brand and reputation of our creditor partners. We understand the complex requirements of servicing accounts receivable and use our knowledge and experience to provide bottom-line results.


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