The Art of Selling Debt

In the intricate tapestry of modern finance, a process often vilified or overlooked emerges as an art form in its own right: the art of selling debt. Financial institutions craft and present debt instruments with precision and finesse. Selling debt is an intricate game of managing relationships, optimizing benefits, and tackling compliance challenges at [...]

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Creating Value Through the Sale of Accounts Receivable Portfolios

When businesses need to create immediate cash flow, liquidating accounts receivable can meet the urgent requirement of funds. National Debt Holdings helps our creditor clients by offering a quick, compliant, and professional transaction for the sale of your receivables portfolios. Liquidating your accounts receivable creates an immediate source of funds for your company. Unlike obtaining [...]

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National Debt Holdings Continues to Expand Portfolio Acquisitions

As the receivables market continues to grow, National Debt Holdings (NDH) is furthering its expansion and purchase of accounts receivables across a mix of product types through the end of the year. National Debt Holdings is an experienced and qualified partner for the sale of accounts receivable portfolios. Specializing in the acquisition of short-term [...]

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Benefits of Selling Receivables to a Qualified Partner

Many creditors that do not have experience selling receivables portfolios are reluctant to start selling their debt. There have been plenty of negative headlines over the past 5 years, attacking debt buyers and their business models, and inexperienced sellers just do not know where to start. Those creditors that can look past the negative headlines, [...]

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