National Debt Holdings Receives A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau

National Debt Holdings, a receivables management firm assisting creditors with improving cash flow performance from account portfolios, announces that it has earned the A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Based on 17 factors, the Better Business Bureau rating system assigns a letter grade of A+ through F to businesses. These factors are based on [...]

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Compliance and Integrity are the Keystones of Success at National Debt Holdings

Compliance and Integrity are the Keystones of Success at National Debt Holdings Compliance and integrity are the keystones of National Debt Holdings. We are dedicated to delivering the highest-quality service with honesty and accuracy to maximize performance for our clients while assisting consumers in their return to financial wellness. National Debt Holdings is [...]

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Don’t Let Weather-Related Disasters Dampen Your Financial Future

  According to the Fourth National Climate Assessment (Volume 2), hurricanes have increased in intensity and frequency over the last few decades, as have winter storms. Extreme weather such as regional floods and droughts are predicted to become more extreme with the continued patterns in regional climate changes. When disaster strikes, are you among those [...]

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National Debt Holdings Understands that the Customer Experience is Key in Recovering Credit Union Accounts

National Debt Holdings understands that the management of credit union accounts is unique from other accounts receivable and has extensive experience using strategies that protect the creditor’s brand while respecting the consumer. What is the difference between a bank and a credit union? Simply stated, banks are for-profit organizations that pay their earnings to stockholders [...]

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