Compliance Investigator Darlene Hirsch Joins National Debt Holdings as CCO

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL - National Debt Holdings (NDH), a master service provider and acquisitions firm in the accounts receivable management industry, is honored to announce the addition of Darlene Hirsch to the team. Mrs. Hirsch brings with her diverse and extensive compliance experience as she takes the role of Chief Compliance Officer.  “We’ve known [...]

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National Debt Holdings Celebrates 10th Anniversary

National Debt Holdings (NDH) today celebrates a decade of assisting creditors with improving cash flow performance from account portfolios. As a highly respected receivables management firm in the highly regulated accounts receivable management (ARM) industry, National Debt Holdings has achieved significant growth and success since its inception in 2011. “We are very proud to celebrate [...]

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Compliance and Integrity are the Keystones of Success at National Debt Holdings

Compliance and Integrity are the Keystones of Success at National Debt Holdings Compliance and integrity are the keystones of National Debt Holdings. We are dedicated to delivering the highest-quality service with honesty and accuracy to maximize performance for our clients while assisting consumers in their return to financial wellness. National Debt Holdings is [...]

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Finding the Balance Between Recovery Liquidation Performance and Regulatory Compliance

Creditors in the early 2000’s were very focused on one thing, portfolio liquidation performance. As time has passed and rules have changed, today the focus is split. Now, rather than just looking at the raw liquidation data, creditors now have a balance to strike, a balance between performance and compliance. Understanding the Need for a [...]

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Benefits of Selling Receivables to a Qualified Partner

Many creditors that do not have experience selling receivables portfolios are reluctant to start selling their debt. There have been plenty of negative headlines over the past 5 years, attacking debt buyers and their business models, and inexperienced sellers just do not know where to start. Those creditors that can look past the negative headlines, [...]

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National Debt Holdings Uses ComplyARM to Manage Compliance

National Debt Holdings, a receivables management firm assisting creditors with improving their cash flow performance, today announced their deployment of the ComplyARM Dashboard Compliance Management Platform. “ComplyARM is a solution for so many of our compliance needs” said President Jeremy Poehler. “We wanted to be able to track everything from inquiries to licenses, insurance and [...]

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